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Posted by: Pam Steele on 15th March 2023

Breaking Gender Stereotypes: The Need for Women in Traditionally Male-Dominated Roles

Gender stereotypes have been a persistent issue in the modern workplace, barring women from fully participating in the workforce across various industries. By prioritizing the recruitment of women in male-domin...

Posted by: Pam Steele on 8th March 2023

Beyond Equality: Why shifting to gender equity is crucial for women’s progress in a changing world

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day, which is celebrated globally every 8th March, is an exciting one! Why? Because it calls for us to not only advocate for the equality of women and girls, but ...

Posted by: David Steele on 7th September 2021

Gender mainstreaming: What is it and how can you use it to achieve gender equality?

As a women-owned business in the health supply chain sector, PSA is a minority. Health logistics and supply chain is traditionally a highly male dominated profession, especially in Africa. Despite a number of c...

Posted by: David Steele on 3rd June 2021

The healthcare sector is environmentally unsustainable. How can you help?

Dealing with healthcare waste is a complex challenge. The healthcare sector has a large environmental footprint, and a study in 2015 calculated that it contributed to 4.4% of greenhouse gases. WHO guidelines pr...

Posted by: David Steele on 12th May 2021

5 Ways outsourcing can help African health supply chains

As with anything else, the decision to outsource will be completely dependent upon the specific circumstances of the organisation and the work that needs to be done, which could be anything from data processing...

Posted by: David Steele on 17th March 2021

8 Steps African health supply chain leaders should take to prepare for the Covid-19 vaccine 

Each aspect of vaccine adoption and the logistic chain will need to be addressed in an effective strategy. Countries, on the other hand, are starting from different places, and some components can pose greater ...

Posted by: David Steele on 10th March 2021

Does orientation matter? Improving HR from day one boosts last mile medicine delivery

Although it may seem like a supply chain’s efficiency comes from manufacturing speed and effective transportation, one of the most important ingredients to an efficient supply chain is its people.

Posted by: Pam Steele on 1st March 2021

Not there yet – 3 reasons why gender inequity in supply chain management limits success

Health and humanitarian programmes must have a diverse workforce that fully understands the varying needs and aspirations of their beneficiaries, and this cannot be achieved with a male-dominated workforce.

Posted by: David Steele on 17th February 2021

Local manufacturing: How can it improve access to essential medicines in Africa?

Across sub-Saharan Africa, Covid-19 related challenges have led to increased drug shortages and greater numbers of deaths due to diseases like Malaria. This highlights how dependent African nations are on pharm...

Posted by: Pam Steele on 26th January 2021

The world needs supply chain superheroes

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the global supply chain like has never been seen before. The pandemic has been a wake-up call for countries to review their supply chain approach. A heavy burd...