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Management and Leadership self-assessment questionnaire

Employees can assess their management and leadership skills, style and competencies using our online questionnaire. On completion, each employee receives a profile of their leadership level, style, strengths, and how they may be improved, and a downloadable performance improvement guide. The guide contains practical tips and recommendations, and a development planning template, to help those who have taken the test, think about and plan development activities.  

Click to download example assessment MLQ Management and Leadership Questionnaire Example Report.

The questionnaire is used by employers for recruitment and staff-development.

In recruitment, the questionnaire provides a framework of competencies to compare candidates against and use as the foundation for competency-based interviews.

In coaching, the interpretive report provides a structure for the coach and client, to jointly explore the client’s management and leadership skills and competencies.

And in team building, sharing profiles may help a team understand the range of skills and competencies that it possesses, and reveal gaps in the team’s capabilities.

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