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What is SoSoKE?

SoSoKE, or South-South Knowledge Exchange, is an opportunity for health supply chain leaders from two or more African countries to meet to share their knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences. PSA facilitates workshops for leaders held over two or three days, plus tours of the host country’s health supply chain facilities. The host country is chosen on the basis of  its health supply chain maturity level and serves as an exemplar to visitors.

Why hold a SoSoKE?

A SoSoKE introduces those who wish to transform their own health supply chains to public institutions who have advanced further along the path. Participants learn of approaches that have been proven to work in low- or middle-income countries which they can adopt for their own transformation programmes.

For the host organisation, a SoSoKE is the opportunity to review its own health supply chain transformation with its peers, compare its supply chain with best-practice, and to share the successes and warn of the challenges others may face.

A SoSoKE generates new insights into health supply chain transformation, generates enthusiasm amongst participants for their own transformation programmes, and builds long-lasting professional relationships across borders.

Our methodology

PSA facilitates events held between institutions involved in health supply chain transformation in different African countries. Participants of such events held in Sudan and Kenya talk in the following YouTube videos of their experiences of SoSoKE.

If your organisation is committed to health supply chain transformation and you wish to share your experiences at a SoSoKE, or you want to learn from others how they are strengthening their supply chains, then get in touch with us below.

Ethiopian visit to KEMSA, Kenya


The story of National Medical Supplies Fund, Sudan


Nigeria Delegation to KEMSA, Kenya

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