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What is workforce capacity development

Workforce capacity development, also known as employee development, is an important aspect of any successful supply chain. 

Workforce capacity development is a set of solutions designed to build the capacity of employees in the health supply chain, both individually and collectively, to enhance supply chain performance. We achieve this primarily by strengthening the HR function to implement HR best practices. 

Why workforce capacity development

The low status of the health supply chain workforce in low and middle-income countries stands in marked contrast to its status in the modern private sector where supply chain management is recognized as a strategic pillar for success. But the public health supply chain field is becoming ever more complex, requiring professional supply chain managers.

The growing demand for supply chain professionals from government institutions and the private sector has created a difficult challenge for health supply chain organisations wishing to recruit sufficient qualified employees.

Workforce capacity development enables organisations to develop their existing workforce and successfully recruit qualified employees by implementing HR best practices so employees can reach their full potential working in the health supply chain.

Our methodology

We plan workforce capacity development interventions based on the Theory of Change for Building Human Resources for Supply Chain Management (HR4SCM TOC), developed by People that Deliver. The theory of change is organised around four pathways:

  • Staffing
  • Skills
  • Working conditions
  • Motivation

In collaboration, we can design and implement a programme based on People that Deliver’s four pathways to strengthen your workforce to enhance supply chain management. We use Global Fund’s Supply Chain Governance and Workforce Development Framework to guide our implementation.

In addition, we have added our own pre-requisite pathway based on our experience of implementing workforce capacity development programmes,

  • Human resource management to strengthen the HR function

We can assist your organisation by developing HR policies, processes, and procedures tailored to your context to strengthen the HR function. Read here how the Ethiopia Pharmaceuticals Supply Agency received support from PSA when they needed induction materials for new starters.


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