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What is programme evaluation

Programme evaluation is a client-focused, systematic assessment of a programme’s impact and how well it achieved its intended goals. The evaluation may include assessments of the process, outcomes, impact, and economics of the programme. The assessments are based on reliable indicators which are defined during the programme planning phase.

Programme evaluation is a discrete exercise that may take place when a milestone is reached, or at the end of the programme. It differs from programme monitoring which is an ongoing activity throughout the life of the programme.

Why conduct a programme evaluation

A programme evaluation should provide donors and their implementing partners with credible information to enable them to incorproate lessons learned into their decision-making processes. It can inform a new planning process, whether for the continuation of the programme, the implementation of a new programme, or for ending the programme.

Our methodology

To evaluate a programme, we can collect and analyze data to assess the following criteria based on your indicators.

  • Process – an evaluation of the programme interventions, including client satisfaction, and an assessment of any external factors such as cultural, socio-political, legal, or economic that affect implementation
  • Outcome – an assesement of how effective the programme was in achieving its intended outputs and outcomes
  • Impact – a measurement of the impact attributable to the programme compared to what would have happened otherwise
  • Economic –  a comparison of the costs and outcomes of alternative interventions

We can provide you with a programme evaluation report based on your evaluation criteria, with our conclusions and recommendations to improve future interventions.

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