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Looking for opportunities to gain skills and experience to build your career? We offer unique internship  programmes.

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PSA offers internships to undergraduate and post-graduate students through the Oxford University Internship Programme, providing students with valuable work experience.

Under this programme, we offer three types of internships: 

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What is the Programme about?

Imagine working for a growing company with an enthusiastic international team who share a single passion: to improve healthcare delivery through Supply Chain Transformation. 

At PSA, you can put your innovative thinking and business skills into practice, alongside other highly intelligent and motivated people. You can apply your skills to some of the world’s most challenging areas through meaningful projects, making PSA a great place to work in and grow. 

If you join us, the work you do will be varied. You could find yourself: 

  • Working with leading aid organisations; 
  • Getting involved in projects that are fundamental to the way aid organisations operate their supply chains;
  • Researching supply chain issues; 
  • Coordinating training;
  • Looking at how major organisations should address supply chain workforce issues; 
  • Disseminating our projects in the Health & Humanitarian sector.

You will work with experts and professionals from different areas of the business, with specialist skills from the non-profit, private, and academic sectors. This is an exceptional opportunity to challenge yourself to develop every day. You will quickly gain a clear picture of what we do and why, and soon you could be helping to make change happen for our clients. 

All applications should go through the Oxford University Careers Centre platform, CareerConnect.

What our Interns said about the programme

“Even though my internship period was only one week, I worked on real projects from day one. Whilst I gained experience and learnt about the relevant knowledge from working on these projects, I learnt much more through the interaction with the staff members in the company, who were all so welcoming and made me feel at home. They were truly passionate about their work, which drove me to work even harder to meet their expectations. All in all, my experience at PSA was truly an enriching one and, hopefully, I will return in the near future”

Daniel, Micro-Internship 2015