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What is strategy development

A strategy is a set of principles and choices adopted by an organisation to help it achieve its long-term goals.

A well thought out strategy for a public health supply chain will be aligned with the national strategy for delivering health care to the general population. It may include choices concerning governance; procurement; finance; technology; and human resource, among others.

Strategy development is the process of identifying strategic choices and choosing the best options for achieving an organisation’s long-term goals; creating a strategic plan for achieving those goals; and monitoring its implementation, making corrections as needed.

In contrast, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there, to paraphrase Lewis Carroll.

Why develop a strategy

Having a strategy for your organisation can ensure that you are working effectively to achieve your long-term goals, in alignment with national policies.

Employees will be genuinely inspired by a compelling vision of the future powerfully expressed in a well-crafted strategy.​ And they will be aligned with each other as they work to achieve common goals.

Imagine travelling to work each day, full of purpose and conviction. You strongly believe in your organisation’s values, and you are passionately committed to its goals.​ You are happy to be in the office and to put your heart and soul into your work because you know it matters.​

Our methodology

We can work in collaboration to facilitate your strategy development using a six-step process

  • Frame – agree on the scope of decisions to be made
  • Diagnose – determine the current supply chain performance
  • Forecast – predict future scenarios
  • Generate options – explore strategic options for achieving goals
  • Prioritise – agree a set of options that form a coherent strategy
  • Deliver – create and communicate a strategic plan
  • Evolve – monitor the impact and adapt as needed

Whether you belong to an organisation working at the national level or at the local level, we can adapt this framework to fit your context.

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