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A board game competition combating climate change

8th September 2023

While the Earth is warming rapidly, the importance of understanding climate change and how to respond has never been greater.

As Kenya hosted the Climate Change Summit for African leaders in September 2023, another smaller event unfolded at the grassroots level: the supply chain competition organized by Pamela Steele Associates (PSA) in Kisumu city, Kenya.

The competition involved 30 young participants,  from local universities and colleges in Kisumu.

Supply chain game in progress

More Than Just a Game

On the surface, the competition might seem like a fun way to learn about supply chain management. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find it’s an ingenious tool to teach players lessons in sustainability.

Using the green and white dice, players grapple with decisions that companies make every day. The green dice propels players towards eco-conscious decisions, emphasizing sustainable supply chain practices.

On the other hand, the white dice reveals the potential hazards of greenhouse gas emissions, emphasizing the significant trade-offs businesses grapple with daily.

The Carbon Reduction Fund mechanism.

The game doesn’t simply educate players in supply chain management, it highlights proactive measures that businesses around the world are adopting to offset carbon emissions.

This aspect of the game mirrors global efforts to tackle climate change and provides players with the experience of  making difficult choices.

The synchronicity of events

The coincidence of the competition with the Climate Change Summit in the same month holds symbolic significance. It bridges the gap between global climate policies and the individual responsibility of people and businesses.

Equipping the next generation

The youth will play a pivotal role in the ongoing battle against climate change as they rise into positions of leadership.

By integrating core lessons of sustainability in to a board game, participants are encouraged to tackle real-world challenges as future leaders, business owners, and policymakers.

A powerful educational tool

Every individual, and every business, no matter how small, plays a role in achieving global sustainability.

The game is not only entertainment; it’s a beacon for action, reminding us to align our individual actions with global climate goals.

Climate change is a global challenge. Help spread awareness and inspire change by pledging to support the 2024 Supply Chain Competition in Kisumu, Kenya.

Write to PSA at to express your commitment.