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What is organisational change management

Change management is a broad term that covers the various ways in which an organisation plans and implements change. Organisational change management focuses on how employees accept and adapt to change. Whether a change is simple or complex, the primary aim is to ensure that its implementation moves the organization closer to its objectives with the minimum of disruption.

Why change management

Supply chain transformation programmes are about change at many levels. Employees experience change during the tranformation process itself, even before a programme reaches its goal.

The success of a supply chain transformation program depends very much on how resistance to change is reduced and managed. Even change for the better can be a source of fear and anxiety amongst employees and needs to be managed carefully.

Change management can also be applied to other aspects of change within a supply chain organisation. Examples include changed business processes, budgeting, resource allocation, and operational tactics. And it may be applied to changes at the personal level, such as promotion, or training an employee to take on more responsbility.

Our methodology

We can facilitate organisational change management for your supply chain programmes. We use Kotter’s 8-step change model described in his 1995 book, ‘Leading Change’.

Step 1. Create Urgency

Step 2. Form a powerful coalition

Step 3. Create a vision for change

Step 4. Communicate the vision

Step 5. Remove obstacles

Step 6. Create short-term wins

Step 7. Build on the change

Step 8. Anchor the changes in corporate culture

We help to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are aware of and understand the change process. We identify appropriate channels for successful stakeholder engagement. We and develop a communications plan to engage key stakeholders throughout the formulation and implementation of your programme.

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