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What is a maturity assessment

A maturity assessment provides an organisation with a qualatitive measure of the effectiveness of its processes, and identifies what capabilities the organisation must acquire to progress to the next maturity level.

We assess health supply chain maturity across twenty categories using the ASCM Global Health Supply Chain Maturity Model. Each category is awarded a maturity level ranging from canvas, through bronze, silver, gold, to accredited according to the answers to a set of pre-determined questions. The overall maturity level of the supply chain is determined by the individual category levels.

Why conduct a maturity assessment

The maturity assessment provides a standard measure of the effectiveness of health supply chain processes and can be used to track the progress of an organisation as it matures over time.

An assessment identifies the route to achieving a higher level of maturity by revealing a supply chain’s strengths and weaknesses across all 20 categories. It keeps the focus on improving the ‘weakest link’ at each stage of the journey.

Process maturity is an input to supply chain performance. The assessment identifies what areas of improvement governments and donors should invest in according to the different needs of the supply chain at each maturity level.

Our methodology

We facilitate the maturity assessment by introducing your team to the ASCM Global Health Supply Chain Maturity Model and tools, and by guiding them through the assessment survey process.

We present your survey results in a report with our interpretation and recommendations. We advise on what categories you should focus on to achieve the next level of maturity to improve supply chain performance, providing detailed recommendations for next-steps according to your specific context.

You can read our paper on Supply chain maturity in frontier markets to discover more about the theory behind the ASCM maturity model and why we chose to use it for our clients.

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