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An innovative supply chain competition pioneered by PSA in Kisumu

7th September 2023

Pamela Steele Associates (PSA) hosted a ground-breaking supply chain competition in Kisumu city, Kenya, as part of its commitment to nurture young talent.

The competition provided a platform for recent graduates and young professionals to delve into real-world supply chain challenges.

The board game is designed to foster a deeper understanding of supply chain management. It is an invaluable tool for helping participants apply theoretical knowledge to practical problems in an engaging environment, and to showcase their strategic thinking.

A supply chain game in progress.

The event was honoured by the presence of esteemed guests from the local business community, Mr Michael Ochieng, bank manager, and Ms Brenda Chebet, supply chain specialist. And it was featured in the Business Daily newspaper [Read the full article here].

Supply chain competitors with (L-R) Ms Brenda Chebet, Mrs Pamela Steele, and Mr Michael Ochieng

The three winners of the competition were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals by PSA CEO, Pamela Steele, who congratulated all who participated. The three winners were:

  1. 1st – Tony Miruka of Maseno University
  2. 2nd – Natasha Susan from Kisumu National Polytechnic
  3. 3rd – Eugine Nyandera, also from Kisumu National Polytechnic

(L-R) Competition winners Tony Miruka, Natasha Susan, and Eugine Nyandera

Kisumu City is an important logistics hub, situated on the shore of Lake Victoria, on the trade route between Mombasa on the Indian Ocean, and Kampala, capital of Uganda. The bright young minds which emerged from this competition promise a bright future for supply chain management in Kisumu.

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