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Duration of assignment: 8 months
Start Date: 1 February 2018
End Date: 1 October 2018
Client Organisation: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Services Provided:

Technical assistance on delivery of pilot Supply Chain Transformation

In May 2018, PSA deployed its technical expertise to advance the Supply Chain Transformation Programme in Niger State, Nigeria, from the diagnostics phase to the pilot implementation. The support entailed a planned uptake of last-mile delivery to 30 service-delivery Health Facilities across the 25 local government areas of Niger State. By October 2018 SCTP Pilot Implementation Launch, the State had completed the following impressive milestones:

  1. Constitution and inauguration of the SCTP State Government Lead;
  2. Constitution of Change Management Team and Steering Committee;
  3. Determination of essential medicine baseline cost;
  4. Allocation of State Government funds of up to USD 180,000 for the procurement of life-saving essential health products in readiness for the pilot launch.

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