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Health Supply Chain Transformation | virtual | Nov 2023

Provider: Pamela Steele Associates Limited
Date: 20th Nov 2023 9:00 - 24th Nov 2023 17:00
Duration: 5 days

Health supply chain transformation is crucial for meeting the growing demands on health systems due to population growth and new health interventions. Transformation is a complex undertaking which requires skills and knowledge beyond operational supply chain expertise. It is not about procurement for the next campaign, nor fire-fighting stock-outs. It is about systematically improving supply chain capacity and capability to meet demand.

Participants will learn what makes a health supply chain functional, and how to make systematic improvements to the supply chain within the broader context of health system strengthening. They will learn about tools and techniques for embarking on transformation within their own organizations, and to manage the entire supply chain transformation programme cycle.

This course focuses on health supply chain systems strengthening and related theories of change.

(This course was formerly known as ‘Supply Chain Capacity Development’)

Who should attend?

This course is for those seeking to better understand the transformation process in order to build a compelling business,  or to lead a transformation programme, or otherwise participate within a health supply chain transformation programme.

Specific positions that will benefit from this course include senior managers; programme managers; supply chain professionals; technical assistance providers; and students  who want to learn more about health supply chain transformation tools and techniques

Course Objective

This course will increase participants’ understanding of systematic health supply chain transform in the context of broader health system strengthening so they may lead or participate in a transformation programme.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to

  • apply common terminology and distinguish between technical assistance and capacity development;
  • identify what key enablers make supply chains functional;
  • approach transformation from a wholistic perspective;
  • embark on a health supply chain transformation;
  • detect the early warning signs of a failing programme; and
  • manage the transformation programme life-cycle.

Course Content

Day 1

Introduction to supply chain transformation

  • A systematic approach to transformation in the broader context of health system strengthening
  • Key enablers for a functional supply chain
  • A winning mindset for embarking on a transformation
  • Detecting the early warning signs of failure
  • Why international aid often fails
  • Common terminology

Day 2

Planning effective and sustainable transformation

  • Approaches to needs assessment to determine priorities
  • Developing goals, objectives, activities, and tasks, informed by data
  • Governance frameworks, human resources and the financial inputs for transformation
  • Seven areas of risk
  • A stakeholder convening process

Day 3

Executing a transformation plan

  • A 6-point checklist to systematically review of problems
  • The 5-step transformation plan process
  • The four support modalities and the main players in the transformation marketplace
  • The four key areas to clarify before engaging external partners
  • Personal strategies for time management and task prioritization.

Day 4

Problem resolution and change management

  • The 7-step problem resolution process
  • Confirmation bias and other human behaviours
  • The key qualities of a problem champion
  • The five categories of change resistance and how to combat them

Day 5

Risk management and programme review 

  • Risks to making a lasting impact
  • The gate review process
  • Programme evaluation
  • Recording lessons learned


Virtual class via Zoom


20th November 2023 to 24th November 2023


$600 USD per person inc. tax.

Register early to avoid disappointment. The registration fee covers five days’ training with an expert facilitator and a digital copy of the high-quality training materials.

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