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The Foundations of Supply Chain Management programme from ASCM, the Association of Supply Chain Management, offers the largest catalog of foundational supply chain education, providing learners at all levels with enhanced knowledge and new opportunities for career success. The full programme comprises of 41 modules, each module is approximately 3 hours of self-paced online study.

Sets of modules are available packaged as six foundational supply chain courses.

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Principles – The proper management of inventory, the planning process, manufacturing, distribution management, logistics, processes, and the purchasing function are fundamental to a successful supply chain. This course covers key concepts and terms to start building a working knowledge of the methods, techniques, and language of operations management and supply chain management. (6 modules / 18 hours self-study)
  • Foundations of Inventory Management – Learn to explain how inventory objectives must be balanced with the needs of marketing, sales and finance. Discover the key decisions made by effective inventory managers. Gain knowledge of how inventory accuracy is maintained and apply that knowledge to make an impact. (9 modules / 27 hours self-study)
  • Foundations of Distribution and Logistics – Learn why distribution channels are so important. Be able to describe different channel design models. Explain tradeoffs between different channel network designs, including customer response time, product variety, product availability and delivery time. Explore inventory management and its function in distribution and logistics. (9 modules / 27 hours self-study)
  • Foundations of Operations Planning – Learn how to create a business strategy. Work with a business planning model to develop a mission and vision. Explore the universal principles of forecast management. Define and understand demand management. Dive into the details of sales and operations planning. (9 modules / 27 hours self-study)
  • Foundations of Manufacturing Management – Explore how manufacturing strategy informs manufacturing process choices. Describe the necessary elements for an effective product-structure-management process. Discover how manufacturing professionals determine needs using material requirements planning (MRP). (9 modules / 27 hours self-study)
  • Foundations of Managing Operations – Learn to describe how the management of processes and operations is affected by product volume, service requirements, variety, demand variation and visibility. Discover the principles of effective product and service design. Gain knowledge of valuable project management models that you can apply to projects and daily operations. (9 modules / 27 hours self-study)

In addition, modules can be grouped by role or by topic to create tailored courses to meet your specific needs. Download the course overview to see the full list of modules.


Training options

PSA provides several training options for individuals and corporations


  • Online self-study – choose any one of the six foundation courses
  • ASCM Members – 150 USD (inc. tax)
  • Non-members – 300 USD (inc. tax)

If you are interested in our courses and want to enrol or learn more, contact PSA using the form below.


The following options are available for those purchasing training for several employees. Enquire for prices.

  • Online self-study – unrestricted choice of modules by role or by topic according to your needs
  • Online self-study plus virtual classroom – enhanced training experience with simulations and case studies presented live online
  • In-house classroom training – live training for your employees at a venue of your choice

Learn more about the different training formats here.

If you are interested in our courses and want to enroll or learn more, contact PSA using the form below.